Museo Nivola

Museo Nivola in Orani, Sardinia, Italy is an institution devoted to the work of artist Costantino Nivola within the larger context of contemporary art, landscape and living traditions.

MAN museum

A modern art museum in the heart of Sardinia, Man Museum of Art hosts an impressive permanent collection of works by Sardinian artists, dating from the end of the 19th century to the modern day

Coal Museum

The Carbosulcis Coal Mine is a coal mine located in Sardinia. The mine has coal reserves amounting to 2.5 billion tonnes of sub-bituminous coal, one of the largest coal reserves in Europe and the world and has an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tonnes.

Prehistoric Sardinia – Monte d’Accoddi

Prehistoric Sardinia – Monte d’Accoddi is situated in the Flumenargia territory in the Sassari area, half way between Sassari and Portotorres to the left of the lorries drive, about 11 km from Sassari. This megalithic structure dates back to 4000 – 3,650 BC, and was just discovered fifty-nine years ago! It’s been described as an altar, temple or step pyramid. The name Accoddi is probably derived from the word coda which means stone. Excavations have been done under the guidance of the archaeologists Ercole Contu and Santo Tiné. 

temple of antas

The Temple of Antas is an ancient Carthaginian-Roman temple in the commune of Fluminimaggiore, southern Sardinia, Italy. It is located in an area colonised by the Carthaginians and then by the Romans, attracted by its iron and lead deposits. It consists of a Roman temple, under whose steps are the remains of the Carthaginian one, which was dedicated to the god Sid Addir, a later incarnation of the local god Sardus Pater Babai, the main male divinity of the Nuragic civilization. Image Map